Once Upon A Time…

Waterside was going to be entirely flattened and rebuilt. Luckily, it wasn’t. Instead there’s a chance to build on the place’s community, robust built heritage, and breathtaking (yes, really) location.

Time to try a new, more empowering, inclusive and intelligent sort of redevelopment.

The site has a varied collection of sturdy buildings of all ages, a great bunch of committed local businesses, and an enviable position in the thick of it, abutting the main road into town, the city centre, parks, the canal, a river, three universities (the list goes on)… All that was needed was a bit of the soft stuff, a forum to put everyone in touch with each other through which to pool all the energy and goodwill.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Waterside Adaptable Neighbourhood is all about building a diverse and resilient urban economy. An economy that generates jobs without generating waste, and is immune to shocks, and boom n’ bust, because it refuses to lay all its eggs in one basket. Instead, adaptable and incremental development helps foster a broad range of enterprises of all ages, occupying buildings of many types, that can each respond in their own way to the winds of change.

Do we really want our neighbourhoods to be demolished?

Until recently a city would express its ambition through top down planning with two or three high profile, design rich, comprehensive redevelopments on the go. Expensive and destructive for local communities, that enthusiasm now seems quite wasteful and naive…

People are now rethinking what success might feel like for a city…

Immediate changes, big differences.

New signage to shout about the local businesses, pop-up gardens, events and markets using the left over spaces, and small modifications to buildings, like enlarged openings on the ground floor, to help liven-up the public realm.


Leicester Waterside long term…

Flexible licenses and varied forms of tenure helps generate and maintain a rich cluster of small-scale enterprise and experimentation, all operating with an ethos of low carbon living, together with housing that make the most of the proximity to the centre.


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