This page is to introduce a series of projects designed by Ash Sakula Architects and are related to Leicester and sustainable living.

LCB Depot

LCB Depot is an award winning creative business cluster in the centre of Leicester. It is designed byAsh Sakula Architects and kick- started the development of the city’s St George’s Cultural Quarter. LCB consists of two buildings: an old bus depot and a new building alongside. LCB used to stand forLeicester City Buses. Now it stands forLeicester Creative Business. For more info please visit:

Sparkenhoe Community Theatre

In May 2001, Leicester City Council appointed Ash Sakula as architects for Sparkenhoe Community Theatre: an arts educational resource centre to enable Sparkenhoe Community Primary School and the local community to develop a live performance programme including dance and theatre, and a wide range of music, comedy, storytelling and community events.  The building was completed in February 2004 and in June received a prestigious RIBA award.

Dartington Arts Park

The following drawings are regarding a feasibility study for a Welcome Centre and Ideas Laboratory and for the refurbishment of Aller Park School in the Dartington Estate. The proposal is phased into a number of ‘parcels‘ that sensitively aim: * To reduce the dominance of the car in the centre of the estate. * To make arrival at Dartington more easily legible, and more enjoyable. * To create a more truly rural, as opposed to suburban, quality to the central campus. * To find ways of continuing Dartington’s unique experimental approach to innovative architecture while always respecting the sensitivity and fragility of the protected buildings and landscapes. * To make best possible use of Dartington’s existing buildings, supplementing them with new construction as necessary. * To counterpoint a twenty first century approach to estate planning and landscape to the more traditional approaches of the Hall and its gardens. * To design and build to the highest possible ecological standards, and to provide fully accessible environments. For more info about the project please visit: 

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