Adaptable Neighbourhoods Cookbook
(ingredients can be added in any order)


Tell Tall Tales

Don’t plan, narrate. Imagine your neighbourhood through the looking glass, if anything were possible. Inspirational stories will capture other people’s imaginations and become a reality. The ones that don’t become part of the area’s Imaginary Resources Department.


Activate a piece of public space near you regularly

Make one of your imaginings a part of everyone’s day, or week, or month…

Either: Set up a regular event or activity (bake-sale, bric-a-brac market, donkey rides, story telling camp-outs, shed-building contests, sports-day-reunions) in a street, square, corner, or vacant lot.

And: Try to do this in an unused building in the area, it deepens a place when everyone remembers that before a place is what it is, that we all did life classes there, or it used to be a piano marathon hall for a couple of years…


Open up to your neighbours

Either: Socially, organising community shared interest events where you bring together porcelain lovers with an eye for avant-garde teapot experimentation, or setting up and participating in a community forum online where sub-forums can proliferate and people can type away to their hearts content, and meet up if an idea is catching…

And: Physically opening up your building/home, removing gates, opening up the ground floor, semi public outdoor spaces, larger windows. Personalise your façade, make your walls tell tales to kids passing by. Talk about yourself through your front garden, your architecture, your hedge.


Transform a Public Corner

Together commit to transform your favourite public corners and streets. Personalise them so that embody local passions, needs, idiosyncrasies and pride. Make your local junction a great cathedral, that is grand not through its size but through its joy in communicating… every bench can say something (jonothan always loved to look at jane’s house from this spot, and still does, and is very much alive thank you very much…) and every plant should whisper.


Make & Maintain a Neighbourhood Tale

Put all the stories, experiences and myths of your shared neighbourhood life into a oral saga that will keep living room campfires alight with stories of the streets and characters of the area. You are the hero.



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